Most In-Demand Home Supplies Sold at Online Hardware Stores

The traditional brick-and-mortar hardware store is not the only place where buyers go to get basic supplies these days. Check out some of the most sought-after items that people go looking for at an online hardware store.

1. Heavy-Duty Wall Hooks

Adhesive and screw-in picture hooks are trending items online, as people are always looking for a better and safer way to hang their pictures or decorations on the wall. Hooks can be used for hanging a cord, chain, or wire in the home.

2. Padlocks

Security is always on everyone’s mind, and whether it’s an old traditional key padlock or a combination lock, people seem to buy these a lot online. Padlocks can be used to lock doors, gates, tools, and valuable items.

3. Silicone Sealant

Adhesive supplies are always in demand online, as there always seems to be something that people want to stick together. Silicone adhesive liquid is especially in demand, as it has many applications around the house. The liquid is waterproof and keeps its elasticity and integrity in low or high temperatures.

4. LED Flashlights

Battery-operated LED flashlights are popular. They give you a longer battery life than an incandescent flashlight. These handy lights are useful at night when the power goes out. LED flashlights come in a range of styles and colours.

5. Non-Slip Furniture Pads

Online hardware trends indicate that people are always looking for something to protect either the furniture in the home or the floor on which it stands. Non-slip pads are peeled and stuck underneath furniture.

6. Door Stoppers

Door stoppers have become increasingly useful over the years as there are more doors than ever that need to be held in place while people move through. It is usually a decorative and heavy object used to prevent doors from swinging shut. These nifty stoppers can be bought online.

7. Duct Tape

Adhesive items seem to stay in the top ten most-used items that people buy online. This is usually a silver adhesive tape made of cloth mesh coated with waterproof material. The material has a variety of applications in the home and for outdoor use.

There are many useful items buyers will find at an online hardware store. Follow Cooper Hand Tools for more information about online hardware stores and equipment.